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Images Analysis

Your spine is very unique.

It is important to know what your spine looks like, and where and how your spine gets misaligned.

With confirmation of specific vertebral misalignment from your images, we are able to deliver the most accurate, effective and safe chiropractic adjustment for you.

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Spine Check and Adjustment

A subluxation interferes and decreases the quality of your brain and body's communication.

Living with vertebral subluxation influences your daily thoughts and actions. 

When subluxation is detected, a specific chiropractic adjustment will be delivered to restore your body's nerve supply.

When subluxation is not detected, that's exactly what you and we are looking for your every single visit. No subluxation means your brain and body are doing fantastic without nerve interference at that visit.

We are so excited to contribute your spine gets clear from subluxation!!! 

Animal Chiropractic


Dr. Hiro checks animals like cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and others that have a backbone too!

Dr. Hiro felt strongly about caring for animal spines, so Dr. Hiro completed intensive animal chiropractic coursework. 

Do your pets heal, sleep, digest, play, behave well, and live well with nerve interference, disharmonized brain and body's communication? No.

Like you, your pets will be able to express their optimal brain and body's functions and enhance their life performance when they are free from subluxation.

We are honored and excited to serve your

quadruped family members!!!

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Initial Visit

Your first visit, we will discuss your current state of health, your health and wellness goals, and how chiropractic care will improve your quality of life.

We will examine your spine with thermography scans, bone and muscle palpation and so on. We will recommend you have state of the art cone beam CT images taken at one of our affiliated dental offices before your first adjustment. 

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