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Dr. Hiro Isobe 

Dr. Hiro was born in Makomanai, Sapporo. He enrolled to Japan Self Defense Force for serving his country for 4 years. 

Dr. Hiro took a long journey about a decade to become a chiropractor. He enrolled a language school in Canada for passing English test to go to the US, a community college in Spartanburg, SC for completing pre-chiropractic program, Sherman College of Chiropractic for learning Chiropractic philosophy, science and art, then Animal Chiropractic Education Source (A.C.E.S) in Texas for learning how to check and adjust animals.  

Dr. Hiro is always willing to take care of people and animals with specific chiropractic care for their optimal life experience. That's why he travels to help humans and animals all over the nation!!!

"We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow."

Dr. B.J. Palmer (Chiropractic Developer) 

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