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Doctor of Chiropractic is a postgraduate professional degree from an accredited chiropractic college in the US.
In order to enroll to chiro college, it's required 90 semester hours at undergraduate college for about 3 years.
Chiropractic students learn Chiropractic philosophy, history, art of adjusting, anatomy, spinal anatomy, physiology, neurology, neuropathology, radiology, clinical science, research, public health talk and so forth over 5,000 hours for about 4 years.
It's required to pass the 4 national board exams to earn a license to practice in the US.
Animal Chiropractic program is a postgraduate education for D.C.
A.C.E.S where Dr. Hiro graduated provides 129 hours lecture and 111 hours hands on practice in TX. There is few animal chiro associations which provide a certification exam to serve animal chiropractic care safely for society by certified animal chiropractors with proper knowledge and skills. 

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